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Notary specialized in drafting of wills (inheritance) at Nuns’ Island

Entrust the drafting of your will to a notary who specializes in inheritance law.

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Your will in accordance with the law

Me Lupien drafts and gives legal value to your will. As a legal expert, he thoroughly verifies the information mentioned in your deed and ensures its accuracy. His duty to advise requires him to state all your obligations so that you can understand what is at stake when signing your will.

You can also count on him to authenticate all documents pertaining to your residential real estate transactions.

He painstakingly verifies the information in your will.

Will (Inheritance) Nuns’ Island
Will (Inheritance) Verdun

Me Lupien handles your estate planning

A genuine professional, Me Lupien ensures that your probate file is in order. Thanks to his expertise, you will know exactly who the beneficiaries of your assets are, how much of your estate is bequeathed and how to distribute the bequests in the event of multiple beneficiaries. Wait no longer, have your will drawn up by a competent notary. You will have the assurance that your last wishes will not be challenged.

Part of his clientele comes from Nuns' Island, Montreal.

A competent notary to write your will.

A will needs the following information:

  • The beneficiaries
  • The executors
  • The trustee
  • Funeral planning

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